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The company traces its roots to 1958 when Robert L. Bayless moved to Farmington, New Mexico from Oklahoma to explore for oil and gas in the San Juan Basin. Following the successful 20-year partnership with another New Mexico independent, Mr. Bayless continued to explore for and produce natural gas in the Southern Rocky Mountain Region.

In 1997 the Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States named Mr. Bayless Wildcatter of the Year. He was inducted into the Rocky Mountain Oil & Gas Hall of Fame in 2004.

In the early 1990’s the Bayless New Mexico office joined with Robert L. Bayless Jr.’s Colorado office to become active all across the southern and central Rockies. Mr. Bayless passed control of the company to his sons and son-in-law in the late 1990’s and died in 2002. Robert L. Bayless, Producer LLC carries on his legacy of long-range thinking, solid oil & gas operations and good citizenship into the future.