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Joint Interest Billing (JIB)

Who do I contact with questions regarding my Joint Interest Billing (JIB) Statement?

Via E-Mail:

Via Phone: Diane O’Dea – (303) 382-0919

Via Mail: All correspondence should be sent to the following address:

Robert L. Bayless, Producer LLC

Attn: Joint Interest Billing

621 17th Street Suite 2300

Denver, CO 80293

Please include your name, daytime phone number including area code, owner number and the last four digits of the Social Security/Tax ID number for verification.

Where do I send payments for my Joint Interest Billing?

Please note this address is for payments only.

Robert L. Bayless, Producer LLC

PO Box 804944

Kansas City, MO 64180-4944

How can I access my Joint Interest Billing (JIB) information online?

You can access your Joint Interest Billing information online at any time with EnergyLink at A login and password is required, please contact Diane O’Dea at (303) 296-9900 to request an EnergyLink login and temporary password.