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Who do I contact regarding my revenue check and what information should I include to help answer my question?

Via E-Mail:

Via Phone: Jon Broussard – (303) 382-0904

Via Mail: All correspondence should be sent to the following address:

Robert L. Bayless, Producer LLC

Attn: Revenue Accounting

621 17th Street Suite 2300

Denver, CO 80293

Please include your name, daytime phone number including area code, owner number and the last four digits of the Social Security/Tax ID number for verification in your correspondence.

What should I do if my check is lost, stolen, or older than the 90 days listed on the check?

Please allow 15 business days to receive your check. If your check is stolen, contact Robert L. Bayless, Producer LLC immediately at (303) 296-9900. Any check greater than three months should be marked “VOID” and sent back to Robert L. Bayless, Producer LLC to be reissued. We will reissue the check during the next revenue cycle.

Do you have electronic deposit?

This option is not currently available.

When will revenue checks be issued?

Revenue checks are issued after the 20th of each month. Small revenue amounts are accumulated and paid once a year in September if the balance is over $25.00 or monthly when the amount reaches $100.00.

Will I receive a 1099 every year?

Royalty owners who received $10 or more and working interest owners who received $600 or more in the calendar year will receive a 1099 by January 31st of the following year. The income reported to the IRS is your gross income prior to any other deductions or taxes. The 1099 will also list any state or federal backup withholding amounts deducted from your revenue checks. The same form can be used to report state income tax.